Will bats avoid light?

Bats are very interesting creatures and given their creepy way of life, these creatures have lots of weird myths surrounding them. And one weird myth about these unusual creatures is that they are blind because they do not see clearly during the day. It’s a known fact that bats are nocturnal creatures, therefore, they are only active at night and stay hidden during the day, and this has nothing to do with being blind.
Bats sleep during the day and go out at night to hunt for food. When the sun is up, these animals find it difficult to see clearly because their eyes are better adapted for night vision and see better in the dark. So bats certainly avoid light, they only become active at night to fly out to
hunt and forage.

Bats do not only avoid natural daylight, they generally avoid any form of light both bright and dull lights, natural and artificial lighting, including streetlights, indoor lighting, and daylight. Even when they are out hunting for food at night, bats will also try to stay away from very bright streetlights as this affects their ability to see clearly, and they will hunt in places with no form of light.
This works well for the bats because their diet is mostly mosquitoes and other tiny flying insects that come out at night. These winged mammals will avoid bright lights at all costs, during the day they crawl into caves or places with very low light or no light at all and stay hidden all day.

Bats Avoid Light

 Bats will only come out during the day if they are really starving and need to find something to eat, or if someone or something spooked them and chased them out of their roosting place. And lastly, a bat will come out in the open during the day if it’s sick with rabies and has become rabid. Bats also avoid lights because of their instinct to survive, since their eyes are adapted to night vision and they don’t see well during the day, they will not be able to effectively escape from predators. So to survive, these animals have to stay hidden during the day and away from lights.

flashlight on bats;Bats Avoid Light

The fact that bats avoid lights and actively try to stay away from them does not mean that putting up bright lights in your home is an effective way to force bats to stay away, because these animals are smart and will always find dark crevices and cracks where they will crawl into the walls to avoid the light.

Some bats species are very small, especially the little brown bat, and they can squeeze through a gap of fewer than 0.5 inches. Putting up bright lights in your home to keep bats away will most likely have the opposite effect. Instead of driving these animals away, it will drive them deeper into your house and you don’t want that.
Although, bats are known to avoid lights, using light deterrent devices are not effective in evicting bats or keeping them out of a dedicated roosting place. A proper bat exclusion remains the only effective method for getting bats out and keeping them away from your property.