How do I remove bats using a one way exclusion funnel?

Bats are insectivorous flying mammals. While they can feed on a large population of insects and can be part of insect control, they can also constitute a significant nuisance. The critters can be sources of harmful diseases too. They carry rabies which can spread through bites and scratches. When bats occupy an area, they also release large quantities of guano that can compromise the structural integrity of a building. Getting bats out of your property is a very necessary step in dealing with a bat infestation. You can remove the critters with a one way exclusion funnel. In this article, we cover the steps for effectively using one-way exclusion funnels for removing the critters.

Inspect your property

You should start by inspecting your property to identify all possible entry and exit points of the bats. It is important that you start with the inspection so that your efforts serve as a permanent solution. If the bats can come in through another opening, then there should no point in removing them in the first place. After identifying all the holes, go ahead and block them. Block all the holes you identified except the one where you will apply the funnel.

Install the funnel

Just as the name suggests, the funnel works based on the fact that it allows the critters to go out without allowing them to come back in. Using an exclusion  funnel is one of the most effective ways of removing the critters because it does not require you to use bait. It is also a non-lethal method. When you use a one-way exclusion funnel, you do not have to directly interact with the critters. We should mention that before installing the funnel, you should confirm that there are no nests with baby bats. 

One-Way Exclusion Funnel

If you exclude the adult bats and leave baby bats behind, you still have quite a problem left. You should also install the funnel on a hole actively used by the bats. A hole actively used by the bats will have a black greasy stain. For an exclusion funnel to work, it has to be installed when the bats are indoors. Install the device over the hole you left open. The right way to install the funnel is with the larger side facing the indoors and the thinner side facing the outdoors. This way the critters have enough space to leave but not enough to come back in if they decide to.

Use repellents

Since your goal is to get the critters out as soon as possible, you could use repellents to hasten the process. The repellents you can use in this case are lights and loud music. They make the critters  uncomfortable and encourage them to leave soon enough.

Clean up and repair damage

After you have confirmed that all the bats are gone for good, you should remove the exclusion device and seal the final hole. You can then proceed by removing all the wastes and bodily materials left behind by the critters. Cleaning up the wastes left behind by the critters is important to prevent the spread of the diseases they carry. Also, guano that accumulates in an area can destroy the structure of properties.

One-Way Exclusion Funnel

Prevention and control

After removing the bats, you should follow up with measures towards long-term prevention and control. Such measures include removing all attractants of the critters away from your property, keeping a clutter-free environment, and ensuring the entry and exit points remain closed.
You could also apply general repellents to discourage bats from hanging out around your property. Exclusion devices have different benefits, from the ease of use to effectiveness. They are also a humane option.