What are some problems that batscommonly cause?

Bats are pretty unique because they’re the only mammals who can fly, but that just means that they have an easier time getting into your home and causing you trouble. These animals are riddled with diseases, can cause damage to your home, and they’re even responsible for a lot of the small difficulties you’ll face on a day to day basis.


Disease is one of the biggest problems caused by bats. These creatures may be small, but they still harbor plenty of diseases. Some of these can be mild, while others are life-threatening.
Plenty of bats are infected with rabies, and the CDC considers these animals to be one of the most common carriers of this fatal disease. In fact, they’ve reported that 7 out of every 10 fatal cases of rabies are attributed to bats!
Histoplasmosis is another disease that’s spread by bats. This disease is caused by fungi that are present in bat droppings. It’s also a difficult disease to prevent.

bat marks on wall

While you can take all the necessary precautions like washing your hands, the disease can get into the air when bat droppings turn to dust – a common occurrence. That’s why stepping into a room that’s been infested by bats can lead to a case of histoplasmosis. The disease isn’t pretty either, as it can infect your lungs and cause severe damage. In some cases, histoplasmosis is even known to lead to death! That’s not even mentioning the countless other diseases these animals have. So be safe and stay away from bats.

Damage to Home

Bats can harm you, but they can also do plenty of damage to your home. While these creatures aren’t known to scratch and bite things like rats or mice, they
can still do plenty of damage thanks to their guano.
That’s right, most of the damage caused by bats will be due to their waste. Bat guano is very corrosive on its own. That’s why even a few droppings here and there can seep into your home’s structure. It’ll eat away at the wood and concrete that makes your house what it is.

roost of bats in attic

Then once it’s done its fair share of corrosive damage, any extra weight could suddenly bring things crashing down around you. Bats also show up in large numbers. Their infestations will quickly multiply. Then before you know it, you’ll have dozens of these creatures in your home. They’ll start leaving their droppings around. While this might be fine for a while, the guano will start to accumulate. If you don’t remove these animals soon enough, the sheer weight of all that guano could wreak some serious havoc.


Bat guano is responsible for a lot of diseases and damage to your home. Yet it can also be very obnoxious to deal with. If it isn’t cleared away promptly, the droppings will start to give off a nasty odor. Before you know it, your home will reek of these dirty animals, making it hard to go about your daily tasks. If that wasn’t bad enough, bat waste is known to seep into your floors and walls. This ends up staining your home and giving your things an off-putting brown or yellow color.

What’s the Solution?

Bats spread diseases like rabies and histoplasmosis. They destroy your home thanks to their corrosive droppings and the sheer weight of them. These creatures even stain your house and make it stink. Nobody wants to deal with any of that. That’s why you should contact a professional wildlife removal company to remove the bats! With all the gear, know-how, and years of experience, these professionals will get rid of your bat problem in no time.