Do pest control companies get rid ofbats?

They warned you about this. Chances are, you’ve been dreading such an encounter for years now. Going up the stairs, opening the door to uncover the source of those mysterious nighttime noises, and coming face to face with a bat – urgh. And now comes the fun part, because now, you have to take care of the removal process, which is delightful in itself. You’re probably wondering if you’ve got an unwanted winged intruder on your property, who you should call to take care of this problem for you. Many people come up with the rather unhelpful solution of calling the local animal control service, but that is only a waste of time since they will not come to remove a bat for you.

But then, what is one supposed to do?

Should you attempt to capture the bat yourself?
No, you shouldn’t. Bats will scratch and attack you if they feel threatened (and they will feel threatened when they see you coming at them, trying to look big and scary). This can result in you contracting a hoard of awful diseases that bats are known to carry, such as Ebola or even the new COVID-19 virus. So best to leave it to a professional… but what kind?

Will a pest control company take care of your bat problem?
This is the next best thing most people come up with after they understand that animal control cannot help them. The bad news is, however, pest control companies won’t be of much help either. While you may find such companies that say they take care of bats, you should take this with a grain of salt. You see, a pest control company usually deals with pests such as termites, cockroaches, ants, and so on. Easily their go-to method is spraying hefty amounts of poison into a residence to exterminate the pests in the area. And for that, poison works great. You can’t expect them to trap each and every termite in a colony of thousands.

bat in room; Bat Pest Control

For bats, however, it’s less than great. First of all, poison is an inhumane and unnecessary method of ridding your home of bats. There’s no need to kill what you can trap and remove, is there?

Since pest control companies are not specialized in bats, they will not be able to provide the optimal solution and you are likely to wake up with bats again, once the poison fumes are gone.
When trying to rid your home of bats, your best option is to do that extra bit of research and try to find a wildlife removal company (careful, this is not the same thing as pest control!) that deals with bats and bat colonies on private properties. 

bat body; Bat Pest Control

Moreover, make sure you pick a company that is reputable, and that uses humane methods to catch the bat and remove it from your property. When you do get a wildlife removal expert on your property, work with them on solutions to protect your home from future invasions!