The Necessary Equipment Needed to Exclude Bats

Bats are intriguing creatures. They first appeared on earth about 50 million years ago and are the only mammals capable of flight. Of the 1,300 global bat species, only 47 are found in the United States. Thanks to the popular media, we see them as tiny, scary blood-sucking creatures – but that’s just a myth. However, whenever homeowners find these nuisance pests residing in their attic, wall, or chimney, the only thing that comes to mind is getting rid of them. Although bats are important to the ecosystem as they help in pollination and keeping the insect population in check, they have no business residing in your house. If you have bats living in your house, what necessary equipment do you need to exclude bats? This post answers this question.

one-way exclusion device; Necessary Equipment To Exclude Bats

Exclusion - The Most Effective Method of Bat Removal

Bats are a protected species because of their importance to the ecosystem. Therefore, it is important you check with your wildlife district to confirm the legalities surrounding bat removal. But generally speaking, bats should not be excluded during the hibernation season. Similarly, they should not be excluded during the birthing season, as the pups will still be unable to fly. When it’s the appropriate time, here’s how bat exclusion works.

Inspection and Sealing
Bats in your house are getting in through some entry holes. These holes (which may be as small as half an inch) have to be identified. All of these holes are then sealed with caulk or hardware cloth, except one.
Installation of Exclusion Device
A one-way exclusion device is then installed in the last hole. This device ensures that once the bats fly out, they are unable to fly back in.

bat exclusion; Necessary Equipment To Exclude Bats

Sealing the Last Hole
After all the bats have left the house, then the last hole is sealed. By bat-proofing your home, you can be assured that you will not face the same problem later on. So, to summarize, EXCLUSION is the most effective method of bat removal. This is the equipment required for the exclusion process:
1) Sealants like hardware cloth, or window screening (fiberglass, plastic, galvanized wire, or copper mesh), or caulk.
2) One-way exclusion device.

Other Methods of Bat Exclusion and Required Equipment

Some of the other methods and their associated equipment that may be used to exclude bats include:

Strong light can be used to evict bats from attics and warehouses. However, the use of ultrasonic devices has not shown any conclusive effectiveness in deterring bats. Some home remedies like mothballs and ammonia are also used, but they are not very effective.

bats in chimney; Necessary Equipment To Exclude Bats

The use of bat poison is illegal, immoral, ineffective, and very bad. Therefore, do not make use of it.
While trapping is effective for many other animals, it is not effective for bats. This is because of the difficulty in relocation. Bats may still return to your home even if they are relocated up to 150 miles away.


For effective exclusion of bats, the use of exclusion devices is the most effective method. That’s why it is highly recommended.