How you know you have bats in the attic

It's not uncommon for bats to take up residence in the attic of homes. As they are sometimes silent neighbors, bats can stay up in the attic of your home for a while before you start to see the signs. Once you have a suspicion that a bat lives in your attic, there are some signs you should watch out for in order to determine if indeed you have a bat problem. Some of them are listed below.

There are bat droppings in your house

One way to determine if there are bats in your attic, even if you do not physically see one, is to look out for their droppings. Bat droppings are usually black in color and pebble shaped. Whenever you have a bat infestation, the droppings can usually be found. If you find bat droppings, try as much as possible to stay away from them as they can pose health risks to humans, so do not touch them with your bare hands.

Oil streaks on floors, walls, and carpets

Bats produce an oily substance on their skin. This oil can accumulate around entry points, on walls, floors, and other parts of the house. The bat can use almost anywhere in the home as its point of entry. Some areas a bat can use to gain entrance into your home include the window, chimneys, and cracks in attic walls or under the roof. This entry point will likely be stained by the oil on its body.

Know About Bats In Attic

Sounds coming from your attic

Bats fly silently, however they can still make significant noises when in the attic. Sometimes they may be stuck within walls and then struggle to get out. Sometimes they may scratch at walls or floors. This sound can often be heard at night because they are mostly active at night.

You can see the bat

Sometimes you can see the bat as it is trying to leave or regain entry into your home. It can also wander from the attic into other parts of your home. Sometimes, seeing a bat inside your living quarters is not a sure sign that you have a bat infestation because the bat may have wandered in from outside and gotten lost. You may therefore need other signs to ascertain that the bat indeed lives in your attic. If the bat wanders from outside your home, you can help guide it back outside, but if it is currently roosting in your attic, this may not work as the bat will just find its way back inside. 

Bats In Chimney; Know About Bats In Attic

There is a pungent odor coming from your attic

When bats take up residence in your attic, you may smell a pungent ammonia odor coming out of the attic. Bat urine combined with its droppings can give off a terrible odor in the attic. It can also be carried to the rest of the house. If it smells like something bitter throughout your home, then it is most likely as a result of a bat infestation.  Be sure to report this immediately as the odor can cause health issues for you and members of your family. Ensure that the door is shut firmly until you can get the professionals there to handle the situation.

Bats enter and exit your home

Bats live in colonies and they seldom live alone. If you spot bats hovering around your home, then there is a possibility that there is a colony living in your attic. A single bat to a whole colony can fly back and forth from your home on a regular basis, especially around dusk or dawn. If this pattern has been noticed, then they may be sheltering in your attic.

Your pet brings a bat home

Pets, such as cats, bring home dead animals that they have killed on your property. 

Bats Enter And Exit Your Home; Know About Bats In Attic

If it turns out that they regularly bring bats home, then it is very likely that you have bats living around.

In conclusion, if you see the above signs, then it is time to investigate further or employ the services of professional wildlife management companies who will be able to assess the situation and act appropriately.