Does homeowners insurance cover batdamage?

So you’ve found yourself in the rather tricky situation of dealing with a bat in your home. Quite often, these winged creatures will make their way into a home for much the same reason any other wildlife intrudes – looking for food and shelter. Most often, the bat will make its way to the attic, basement, or even in adjacent structures, such as a shed or barn, since these areas are not as inhabited as the rest of your home, and so they don’t risk detection here.

Now, you will want to get rid of the bat as soon as you possibly can and we highly recommend that you call a professional wildlife removal service that is capable of dealing with bats. While you may be tempted to attempt the removal on your own, you are endangering yourself and those close to you, since bats carry a hoard of diseases and they will attack if they feel threatened. So best leave it to people who specialize in this sort of thing.
The next thing you want to do, once the bat(s) is out of your home is to clear up the damage. This will often require professional cleaning, which should be done immediately so as not to expose yourself and your family and pets to the diseases in bat droppings.

restoring attic; Insurance Cover Bat Damage

But bat damage can mean more than just a hefty cleaning bill. Bat droppings are considered corrosive and they can cause quite a bit of damage to your property. In which case, you’ll probably want to know your options, since no one wants to pay for a big repair bill.

Does your insurance cover bat damage?

Sometimes, yes, homeowner’s insurance can cover bat damage, as well as the effects of other wildlife intruders on your property. Some insurance types even cover the removal of the bat itself, although that and the replacing of damaged insulation and materials are two separate sections of your insurance. However, be warned that not all insurance policies are created equal.

Insurance Cover Bat Damage

While your homeowner’s coverage might include bat damage, it might also not, and it’s best to make an informed decision when choosing your insurance. If you already have insurance and would like to know the answer, either read your contract carefully or call the insurance company so they can tell you what kind of coverage you’ve got in the event of bat damage.

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If you’re only now looking to get homeowner’s insurance, we suggest doing a bit of research on your area first, seeing how likely bats are and how big a concern they are to local homeowners, before deciding whether or not you need them covered in your insurance policy.
This is also a reason why you should call a professional bat removal service as soon as you discover the bat on your property, as opposed to trying to capture it yourself. The more you cause it to fly about and to linger on your property, the more damage it will do.