What are some home remedies to get rid of bats and prevent them from coming back?

Bats are nuisance critters that occupy homes and properties. Whether they are in your yard, attic, chimney, or walls, the critters are bad news. Even though bats mostly stay out of your way, they can spread serious respiratory diseases through their feces. Bats produce large quantities of feces as they infest in large numbers, as part of colonies. The urine of bats also has detrimental effects on the structure of properties. Getting rid of bats involves a strategic process that should be aimed at long-term solutions. The methods of getting rid of bats can involve the application of simple home remedies. In this article, we highlight some of the effective home remedies for getting rid of bats.


Mothballs are some of the commonest and most effective home remedies for getting rid of bats. Mothballs contain naphthalene. Bats find the smell of naphthalene offensive. Using mothballs as bat repellents simply involve placing them in fabrics and hanging the fabrics around. The more concentrated the smell is in an area, the higher the tendency of it getting the critters to leave. Using mothballs as an effective home remedy for bats involves getting the right concentration. when the concentration is too high, mothballs can be harmful to humans. When the concentration is too low, mothballs are not effective for getting rid of the critters. According to experts, about 5 pounds of mothballs is suitable for 2000 cubic feet of indoor space.

bat on window; Home Remedies For Bat Removal


Phenol works as a home remedy for bats in a similar fashion to mothballs. Bats find the smell of phenol offensive and will leave an area with a high concentration of the smell. White phenol is especially effective at getting rid of the critters. Put the phenol in a spray bottle and apply it in
affected areas. Be sure to apply it in high concentrations to encourage the critters to leave.


The smell of cinnamon is another one bats find offensive. Apply cinnamon on affected areas to encourage the critters to leave. Like other smell repellents, cinnamon is most effective for indoor spaces. Also, the concentration will influence the effectiveness. You would have to apply it several times to get a concentration strong enough to discourage the activity of the critters. Also, remember to use it as often as possible to maintain the concentration.

bats in flight; Home Remedies For Bat Removal

Bright lights

Bright lights can discourage the activity of bats in an area. Although this method is not considered as effective as the other methods mentioned above, it can still help towards getting the critters completely out of your property. Bright light works as a repellent because it makes the critters feel unsafe. Generally, bats like enclosed dark spaces. By keeping an area well lit, you make it less appealing to the critters.

Ultrasonic repellents

Ultrasonic repellents produce vibrations that could be effective in getting rid of bats. This is another method that is generally regarded as ineffective. However, research has shown that if the vibrations are at frequencies as high as the communication frequency of bats, ultrasonic repellents can discourage the activity of the critters.

Mylar balloons

You could apply Mylar balloons as part of a scare tactic for getting rid of bats. When Mylar balloons are kept in motion, they can scare the critters and encourage them to move to a more peaceful location. Using Mylar balloons to scare the critters is most effective when the balloons are placed over a nest.
You should approach keeping bats away from your property with a long-term goal. The home remedies mentioned in this article could be part of the measures you adopt.