Steps to get rid of a bat in your basement

Bat can live almost anywhere and the best place that suits them is in the basement. This is evident in their widespread habitats as a species. They sometimes find their way to your home and decide to settle there because the temperature is favorable. When they enter the house, bats love to settle in high places such as the attic. It makes flying away easier when they decide to venture out. 

Bats find it difficult to lift themselves off the ground as they do not possess the wing power of animals such as birds. They therefore love to stay close to the surface whenever they can.  If you notice a bat roosting in your basement, it is often an indication of a heavy infestation on the rest of your house. As much as bats love to stay high up in the house, they tend to move to the basement when the attic or chimney is getting crowded. When a bat is sighted in the basement, most homeowners decide to seal off the basement but the bats are most likely not coming from the outside and sealing off the basement won’t work because there are most likely other bats around in the house.

bats in attic; Bat In Basement

How do you get rid of the bats from the basement?

Bats pose a threat to the inhabitants of a house and so, they should be removed as soon as they are discovered. However, when trying to remove bats, keep in mind that the basement is not the place to start from. Although you have only noticed them in the basement, they are most likely in other parts of the house too. Therefore, you need to locate the source, seal it off, and remove bats from the top most part of the house before dealing with the basement.

It is often preferable to get a consultation with a certified bat professional about your bat problems as they will be better equipped to assess the situation and advise on what steps to take next. As a token, they can even help you remove the bats and help prevent further invasion. However, if you decide to remove the bats on your own, then you must take some precautions. Follow the guidelines below to rid your house of bats.

Bat In Basement

Removing a single bat

Before you begin, ensure that you wear protective clothing. Gloves, long pants and shirts must be worn. Seal all spaces under basement doors to prevent the bat from crawling into another room. When this is done, locate the bat where it is hiding and use a long broom or mop stick to remove the bats. Bats cannot lift themselves up from the ground to fly as their wings are not strong enough. Once the bat is on the floor, quickly cover it with a fishing net and remove it far away from your home. Take note, however, that bats have excellent echolocation skills and will most likely locate your house again if they roost there. Therefore, take precautions to ensure that they cannot get it in again once they are out. Look for any open gaps through windows, doors, and ceilings that may serve as entry points and seal them off.

Removing a colony of bats

Before you begin, carry out a thorough inspection of your home to determine where the bats are entering and exiting from. Get an exclusion trap and place it carefully over the openings. This trap will allow the bats to leave but they won’t be able to gain entry into your home when they come back. Routinely check your home for signs of bats until you can no longer find any. When all the bats are gone, you may remove the trap and seal off the open gap.