Steps to get bats out of the attic vent

There are a lot of animals who can make their way into your home, but bats are some of the worst ones out there. Bats can fly, unlike most other pests, making them very difficult to catch. These animals also carry tons of diseases, so getting close to them can be very dangerous. Finally, many bat species live in large groups, so you’ll have to remove a very large number of them.

But if you follow these steps, this difficult task will become a piece of cake.

Step One: Get Information

The most important thing to do when trying to remove any animal is to get as much information as possible. You’ll want to know the exact location these bats are infesting. It’s also essential you learn how they’re getting into your home.

Many states have made it illegal to capture or harm a bat, so you should check with your state’s rules and regulations. Some also need you to get a permit before you can remove bats, so you’ll have to do that as well. Finally, you’re going to want to make sure there aren’t any baby bats in your home, as it may be illegal to remove a colony if they have children.

Bats In Attic

Step Two: Use Exclusion

Once you’ve gotten all the necessary information and gotten all the paperwork done, you can start removing the bats.

You’ll have to start by finding and sealing as many of the entries used by the bats as possible. Your method of sealing them depends on the nature of the entry and your home. So just seal them up the way you’d normally repair the holes.

The crucial step, however, is in leaving at least one entry open. Instead of sealing this last one, you’re going to want to install a one-way exit door. This will allow the bats to go out hunting at night, but it stops them from getting back inside.

Step Three: Wait

Once you’ve sealed up as many entries as possible and even set up a one-way exit, you have to sit back and wait. Over time, the bats will go out hunting on their own, and they’ll get stuck outside.

This is guaranteed to work if you’ve successfully found and sealed all the holes, so it’ll just be a matter of time before the bats are gone.

This is an effective method because it reduces the amount of work you have to do, and lets you keep your distance from the potentially infected bats.

Bat Stuck

Step Four: Clean Up

After you’re sure the bats are all gone, you can get to work on the final step.

You’ll have to go around making all the necessary repairs to your attic, and you should properly repair all the entries you sealed up before. You should also remove the one-sided door and seal that hole as well so that your home will be as good as new.

Yet the job doesn’t end there. You’ll have to clean the attic once the bats are gone. This is crucial as the area is still going to contain all the deadly diseases the bats carried with them.

Make sure to wear gloves and a face mask while cleaning up the attic, to protect yourself and your family.

Or Just Call a Professional

If that seems like a lot of work, then don’t worry. You can avoid the entire thing by just calling a professional! These professionals have years of experience and all the right gear. They’re even going to be closely acquainted with your state’s laws. That means they’ll be able to handle the entire removal process on their own and will be able to do it very quickly!