What is the fastest way to get rid of bats?

Getting rid of bats is a deliberate process that should be aimed at providing a long-term solution to the problem. When dealing with a bat infestation, it is best to go with the method that has proven to be most effective.

In this article, we consider the possible methods for getting rid of bats and recommend the most effective one.


As much as trapping is a common method of pest control, it is not effective for bats. Bats are flying mammals. For trapping to be an effective method of bat control, traps have to be designed in line with the nature of the critters. The traps also have to be humane and not cause unnecessary harm to the target critter.

This is not achievable with bats. Even if traps are designed for bats, they are most likely bound to injure themselves and suffer harm when trapped. The limitations of the use of trapping as bat control are numerous. Thus, trapping cannot be considered an effective or fast method for getting rid of bats.


Repellents are materials applied because of their relationships with target critters. The common repellents are materials that cause an unpleasant reaction in different animals. They range from household products such as naphthalene to garlic and onions. Repellents could also be substances that make target critters feel unsafe.

The repellents targeted at bats include bright lights and ultrasonic sound. Bright lights and ultrasonic sounds will cause the critters to feel unsafe and leave an area.

It is noteworthy that the effectiveness of the use of repellents is dependent on the relationship of the critter with the repellent. The target critter could decide to just manage to live with the repellent if it doesn’t produce a strong effect.

Also, different repellents can cause harmful effects in humans. A high concentration of naphthalene could have harmful effects. Also, kids and pets could unknowingly ingest mothballs.

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Exclusion simply involves making a place inaccessible to the target critters. The measures for exclusion could be general, for example, fencing. Also, specific measures could be targeted at the certain critter.

The use of exclusion devices is a measure that could be targeted at bats. Exclusion devices simply provide a path through which the critters can leave naturally. After the bats leave, they can never come back. The use of exclusion devices is particularly suited towards bats because the critters go in and out through the openings where the exclusion devices are placed.

Using an exclusion device for removing bats simply involves getting the device and installing it on an active opening. You do not have to maintain any form of contact with bats to get rid of them using exclusion devices. Simply install the device and leave it to get the critters out.

To use an exclusion device for getting rid of bats, you have to identify all entry and exit points of the critters. You also have to seal all identified openings except for the one where you will apply the device.

We should mention that the use of exclusion devices is a humane measure for getting rid of bats. No harm will come to the critters when you use an exclusion device to get rid of them. You can also use an exclusion device multiple times. Although the plan is to not to allow the critters back in, the reusability of the device is noteworthy.

Based on its numerous features and effectiveness for bat eradication, exclusion is the most effective and fastest way of getting rid of the critters. It also serves as a permanent solution. As long as you ensure that the critters cannot get back in, exclusion devices can get rid of the critters for good.

Fastest Way To Remove Bats

Prevention and Control

Prevention and control are also part of the measures for getting rid of bats. General prevention and control measures make your property unappealing to the critters. Such measures include keeping your property free of attractants. A cluttered environment will attract different kinds of pests, including bats. Keep your environment uncluttered and clean and block all possible entrances of the critters permanently.

Getting rid of bats permanently requires ensuring that they cannot come back. This is where general control and prevention measures come in. Although we considered the use of exclusion devices as the most effective measure for getting rid of bats, we also acknowledge the importance of combining different measures. You could combine exclusion, the use of repellents, and general prevention and control measures for getting rid of bats permanently.