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Tips On Using Exclusion Funnels For The Removal Of Bats

Bat Exclusion Net; DIY Bat Removal
There are several different methods to remove bats from your home but many either do not work, or are harmful to the bats. Repellents especially are something that should never be used because not only can they be harmful to the bats they can also cause adverse effects to your family. Repellents can even seep harmful chemicals into the ground and surrounding environment. There is one fairly simple way to remove bats from your home that is both humane and highly effective. You should consider using an exclusion funnel which can keep the bats out and make sure they do not get back in.
How Do Exclusion Funnels Work?
An exclusion funnel is shaped and positioned in such a way, that a bat must crawl over the edge of the funnel to escape. They can do this fairly easily, which allows these animals to get out of your home. The positioning of the funnel also means that they cannot fly back into the area they came out of, therefore they are excluded from reentry into your home.
Making Your Own Funnel
While there are many prefabricated exclusion funnels available, some people wish to make their own. A few common options include steel screens and plastic tubing. Some experts even recommend water bottles depending on the size of the suspected bats. No matter the material, the function and design are most important.
Observe The Bats Before Installation
Before installing an exclusion device you need to observe the bat colony closely for a few different factors. Check all possible entrances and exits for the bats, and look for the most frequently used one. Make sure that all other possible entrances are sealed before attempting an exclusion on the final entrance. Once this is done, you can install the funnel. You may want to choose another exit if the primarily used one is not suitable for the funnel’s easy installation.
Using The Funnel
The funnel should stay up for about two to three days at minimum. Be sure to install it either at sunset or dawn, as these are the most common times for bats to leave the nest. This ensures you will have the least amount of bats in your home when excluding.
Observing The Bats After Installation
Make sure that all the bats leave as the week progresses. If they get stuck, you may have to create a new funnel. Once you are sure the colony has moved on check the area and seal the final entrance.