Do-It-Yourself Bat Removal Articles

Extracting a bat colony from your attic is a very complex process. Our bat technicians train for several years and acquire multiple certifications in order to have the skills necessary to properly, legally, and safely remove a group of bats from a home or building, It takes a deep understanding of bat behavior, as well as other variables like species, colony sizes, type of architecture and the time of year to properly assess the bat situation at any location. It is important that we inspect every inch of the building as well as the attic to understand all of the variables to bat removal. Knowing what to do and when allows us to do a perfect job of both ancillary sealing and installation of bat extraction devices. This must be done just right otherwise the extraction will fail and bats may be killed.

Below we’ll have some articles that will help you understand the how to properly do a bat removal project and all the issues that will be involved with the project. Hopefully this will keep you informed so that you are confident in whether or not you can tackle a project like this yourself or hire help from our company or any other professional to do the job the right way and perfectly.