Do repellent work to remove bats from my attic?

Attics are some of the commonest spaces bats occupy when they infest homes. When bats infest your attic, you may be able to tell from the sounds the critters make. You may also need to observe them leaving for the night to confirm the infestation.

When you confirm the presence of bats on your property, you need to make deliberate efforts to get rid of the critters. Bats are not the kind of guests you want on your property, especially when they are in your attic. They carry dangerous diseases and will leave accumulated guano behind. The guano they leave behind can affect the structural integrity of your property.

In searching for ways to remove bats from your property, you will consider different methods, including the use of repellents. In this article, we consider whether repellents are effective for getting rid of bats from attics.

What are bat repellents?

Repellents are products and substances that cause harmful reactions to bats. Bats find certain substances and experiences discomforting. Based on that fact, such substances are described as and applied as repellents. Here are some of them.

Ultrasonic devices

Ultrasonic devices are commercially available to be used as repellents for different critters, including bats. This is based on the fact that the sounds discourage the activity of different critters in an area. For ultrasonic devices to be effective repellents, they have been designed to be activated based on the activity of the target critters.

Although ultrasonic devices play the roles ascribed to them, they will not get bats out of your attic. Yes, the bats will feel uncomfortable with the sounds. The experience will be especially discomforting for them at first. 

Bats In Attic; Do Bat Repellent Work

Afterward, they will adjust to it and continue their life as usual. Instead of losing their very comfortable home, they will choose to live with the disturbance.

Gel and liquid repellents

Gel and liquid repellents have been manufactured for bats. They are non-toxic products that are designed to be applied to affected areas. The repellents work in different ways but are ultimately aimed at making the area uncomfortable for the critters.

Like ultrasonic devices, gel and liquid repellents will not get bats out of your attic. Measures that can get bats out of attics should create a strong repulsive force. Gel and liquid repellents, in most cases, do not create such a force. Instead, the critters may just learn to live with the inconvenience.

Alternatives to using repellents

Instead of using repellents, focus on measures that will keep the critters out forever. Yes, repellents will make your attic uncomfortable for bats to live in. Still, there are very high chances of the critters deciding to live with the inconvenience instead of leaving.

One-way exclusion devices are alternatives for repellents. The use of exclusion devices is an effective way to remove bats from your attic. The devices are highly effective because they let the critters out and prevent them from coming back in.

Do Bat Repellent Work

You can easily install exclusion devices in your attic as a permanent solution to the infestation of bats in your attic.

You should start by identifying all possible entry points and sealing them. This is to make sure that they will not find alternative entry routes. After the bats leave, you can then seal the opening where you applied the device.

Be sure to clean up the mess the critters left after getting rid of them. Clean your attic and apply general measures of preventing bats from infesting your property. Generally, although repellents will cause uncomforting experiences for bats, the critters will most likely adapt to them and stay in your attic. Exclusion devices are more effective for getting rid of the critters.