How much does it cost to remove bats from attic?

As their natural habitats are rapidly being destroyed, bats have found a way to survive by settling on human properties. It is very common to find bats settling in the attics of homes and other buildings. This is a big problem considering the fact that bats carry lots of diseases and cause significant damage to buildings. When a bat is spotted in the attic of a house, this usually means that there are other bats because bats like to live in colonies. This means that as a homeowner, you may be dealing with not just one bat but a colony of them. While it is possible to have a bat wander into your attic without bringing its whole colony, it is often scarce to see lone bats roosting in the attic space alone. If one bat can find its way into your house, chances are that other bats will use the same entry points and soon take up residence in your house.

Evicting bats from a house is serious business. Bats are quick and they can fly. In fact, bats can fly up to 150 miles to return to their home. It also means that trapping and releasing them to another location may not be effective as they will just find their way back to your property. In many states, it is illegal to poison or use fumigation materials on bats. This makes them especially difficult to remove.

The best way to remove a bat is by exclusion. Exclusion traps are only one-way. This means that once the bat leaves, it is unable to regain entry into the building through that access point.

removing bats; Remove Bats From Attic

 Exclusion is the best way to remove bats and guarantee that they will never be able to regain access through that point again. It is often preferable to employ the services of a wildlife remover when you have a bat infestation on your property. This is because the professionals are skilled and equipped to handle whatever situation arises from the removal. Their services are however not free and you have to pay a fee before these professionals can work on getting bats out of your property.

The cost of exclusion varies depending on the wildlife management company and the kind of project being undertaken. Sometimes, the company also takes on repair work after the exclusion and this might reflect the cost. When you report your bat issues to a company, usually they send in a professional to access the situation and inspect the attic. The findings and extent of damage will then depend on the cost in the end. In the U.S., it may cost anywhere between $90 and $4,000 to remove bats from a property. 

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This price depends largely on how many bats are currently roosting in your attic, what level of damage has been done to your property and if additional work has to be done in order to seal off other entry points in the house. An exclusion process can take a single worker or many workers and this is also reflected in the costs.