Cost of bat removal

When bats infest your property, you can try to remove the critters yourself or seek the help of professionals. When considering seeking the help of professionals to remove bats, the cost is one of the top factors you should note. This article offers an overview of the costs of bat removal.

Bat removal methods

The most effective bat removal methods keep the critters away for good. Methods applied to get rid of bats must not only be effective, but they also have to be in line with the local laws and not pose any form of harm to the critters.
Using one-way exclusion devices is a top measure for the effective and humane removal of the critters. This method requires the creation of natural pathways through which the critters can leave a closed space. When you engage the services of professionals, they remove the infesting critters and apply measures for preventing them from re-infesting. Thus, the services could include clean-up and repair.

bat inspection; Cost Of Bat Removal

Bat removal processes

Different processes make up the overall bat removal. These processes that makeup bat removal may be charged as a whole. The service providers may also charge the processes individually. Here are the component processes and their costs.


This involves checking the property thoroughly for signs of a bat infestation. Bats could infest different parts of a property. During the inspection, the professional determines the scope of the problem to be able to work on it thoroughly. After the inspection, the professionals could decide to delay the removal, especially if it is the breeding period of the bats. The inspection could be charged as part of the general removal costs. It could also be a standalone fee. The average cost of an inspection is about $75.

bat with mouth open; Cost Of Bat Removal


After the inspection, the professionals can then remove the infesting critters. The cost of the removal is dependent on the size of the colony, amongst other factors. The average cost of removal of small bat colonies is $150. For the larger bat colonies, the cost of removal could range from $500 to $2,000.

Post removal services

Some of the post-removal services offered by professional bat removal companies are gable vent sealing, sealing of entry and exit points, and clean-up. Gable vent cleaning services are charged per vent at an average of $100 for a vent. The same pricing system is applied to the sealing of holes which goes for about $35 per hole. Clean-up services, which could include insulation replacement, is available at an average of $500. It is noteworthy that the cost of bat removal services varies across locations, according to the laws guiding the removal and control of the critters in that locality. We should also mention the importance of discussing the full details of a project with the removal company. You should know whether any kind of add-on charge will be incurred. You should also confirm details such as warranty and insurance. On a final note, always confirm that the company is licensed to work in your area. You may also research the control and prevention methods legal in your area independently.