What Is A Bat Exterminator?

What is a bat exterminator? Bats are increasingly found in and around human environments. The critters infest human dwellings in search of food and shelter. Bats live in groups called colonies. When they find a suitable habitat, they settle down as a group and begin their regular activities which include the production of guano. Guano […]

Do Pest Control Companies Get Rid Of Bats

Do pest control companies get rid of bats? They warned you about this. Chances are, you’ve been dreading such an encounter for years now. Going up the stairs, opening the door to uncover the source of those mysterious nighttime noises, and coming face to face with a bat – urgh. And now comes the fun […]

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Bat Damage

Does homeowners insurance cover bat damage? So you’ve found yourself in the rather tricky situation of dealing with a bat in your home. Quite often, these winged creatures will make their way into a home for much the same reason any other wildlife intrudes – looking for food and shelter. Most often, the bat will […]

Can City Animal Services Help With Bat Problem

Can county or city animal services help with my bat problem? So you find yourself facing an unwanted bat (or maybe even a family of bats) right on your property and don’t know what to do about it. The good news is, you’re not alone – bats are a common problem for homeowners across the […]

Cost To Remove Bats In The Attic

How much does it cost to remove bats in the attic? As their natural habitats are rapidly being destroyed, bats have found a way to survive by settling on human properties. It is very common to find bats settling in the attics of homes and other buildings. This is a big problem considering the fact […]

Can I Get Free Bat Removal

Can I get free bat removal? As soon as you notice a bat infestation, you should work towards removing the critters. Although the critters mostly mean no harm and will most likely stay out of your way, you shouldn’t make them feel comfortable in your home. You can remove bats with DIY techniques or get […]

Cost Of Bat Removal

Cost of bat removal When bats infest your property, you can try to remove the critters yourself or seek the help of professionals. When considering seeking the help of professionals to remove bats, the cost is one of the top factors you should note. This article offers an overview of the costs of bat removal. […]

Can Mothballs Repel Bats

Can mothballs repel bats? Bats are insectivorous flying mammals that are increasingly taking to living around human environments. As certain species of the critters have lost their natural habitats, they have become more comfortable about living in barns, houses, and commercial buildings. Although bats can eat a lot of insects and can be part of […]