Tips To Remove Bat Droppings

Tips to remove bat droppings from concrete Bats are nuisance critters. Bats also pose health risks to the occupants of the properties they infest. The critters can spread harmful diseases through their feces and urine. Bats can spread lung diseases through their droppings. Removing bat droppings is an essential part of reclaiming your property after […]

Are Bat Droppings Dangerous To Inhale

Are Bat Droppings Dangerous to Inhale or Touch? Many people have a negative impression of bats. Aside from their scary faces, many people know that bats carry rabies, and so tend to stay away from them. However, there’s a lesser- known danger associated with bat droppings (guano). Exposure to guano may result in histoplasmosis, a […]

What Causes Bat Odor

What causes bat odor and how do I remove the smell? Bats are a nightmare to deal with, and it’s even a common problem that many Americans have to face. These animals spread diseases, damage your home, and wreak plenty of havoc. Yet the smell is one of the worst things to happen as a […]

Remove Bat Urine And Bat Urine Stains

How to remove bat urine and bat urine stains Bats live close to humans. They also like to live in closed and isolated spaces such as attics, walls, and chimneys. When bats occupy these spaces, they produce large quantities of feces and urine. The urine and feces of bats can have several detrimental effects and […]

All About Bat Droppings

All About Bat Droppings One of the major indications of a bat infestation in one place is their droppings. Bat droppings are also called guano and are often found in areas where bats have taken up residence. Bat droppings are of great importance to humans because of the health concerns associated with them. Identification of […]