Bat Noise In Attic

What noises will bats cause in the attic? You lie in bed after a hard day’s work and try to close your eyes, only to start hearing strange sounds coming from the attic above you. Many homeowners have experienced this. The attic of the home is an easy spot for animals to invade. For one, […]

Steps To Get Bats Out Of Attic Vent

Steps to get bats out of the attic vent There are a lot of animals who can make their way into your home, but bats are some of the worst ones out there. Bats can fly, unlike most other pests, making them very difficult to catch. These animals also carry tons of diseases, so getting […]

Bat Removal Steps From Attic

What are the steps to get rid of bats in the attic? Bats are flying mammals that infest different kinds of properties, from homes to commercial buildings. The critters like enclosed spaces like attics, chimneys, and walls. If bats can access the attic of a property, they are most likely to make it their home […]

Steps To Get Bats Out Of Barrel Tile Roof

Steps to get bats out of a barrel tile roof Bats are tiny winged mammals with the ability to squeeze through very tiny spaces. These animals are in perpetual search of the perfect roosting places which should be close enough to food and water and at the same time warm and dark and away from […]

Bats Chew On Wries

Is it possible for bats to chew on wires? So you’ve discovered a bat (or maybe even a colony of bats) living inside your attic or around your property. As you’ve probably noticed by now, this is by no means a fun experience for anyone involved, and it’s quite likely that you’re worried about the […]

Bats Damage In Attic

Attic damage bats can cause As a homeowner, it is your duty to be informed of the possible threats to your property, including the various wildlife specimens that live in your area and that are most likely to pop in for a visit. You can inform yourself of this matter by either contacting local wildlife […]

Steps To Clean Bat Droppings

The steps to clean bat droppings out of your attic Unfortunately, if your property suffers from a bat infestation, it will likely leave its mark. Bats, like all pests, defecate, often in the most inaccessible areas, making it doubly hard to clear up. It is vitally important to clear up bat droppings as soon as […]

Do Bat Repellent Work

Do repellents work to remove bats from my attic? Attics are some of the commonest spaces bats occupy when they infest homes. When bats infest your attic, you may be able to tell from the sounds the critters make. You may also need to observe them leaving for the night to confirm the infestation. When […]

Baby Bats In Attic

Will a bat have a nest of babies in my attic? Bats could occupy your attic and make it their home for extended periods. During that period, they could give birth to pups which will be in your attic too. Because bats can give birth to their young during the time they are in your […]

Bat Removal Tips From Attic

Tips to get bats out of your attic Bats maintain close relationships with humans. When they infest properties, they prefer to stick to secluded spaces where they will most likely not be disturbed. One such space is the attic. You should suspect a bat infestation of your attic when you hear their characteristic scratching and […]