Bat species are endangered

What bat species are endangered and why are they? Bats, as beneficial as they are, constitute one of the many species of animals considered endangered. Over the years, the bat population has slowly declined to a point where environmentalists are getting concerned. This decline can be because of a number of reasons. Natural or environmental […]

Mexican Free-tailed Bat

All About the Mexican Free-tailed Bat Known for unique features such as their social habits, Mexican free-tailed bats are found across a wide range of locations. The critters, which are also called Brazilian free-tailed bats, get their name from the nature of their tails. They have long tails, which is almost the length of their […]

Evening Bat

All About the Evening Bat With similar features but smaller in size than the big brown bat, the evening bat is also known as the small version of the big brown bat. The critters are found across America. Appearance The evening bat has similar fur color and distribution as the big brown bat. They have […]

Big Brown Bat

All About the Big Brown Bat With a size considered large for bats, the big brown bat is one of the species of bats found across America. Appearance The big brown bat has an average weight of 14 to 21 grams. The wingspan of the critters ranges from 32 centimeters to 40 centimeters. The fur […]

Little Brown Bat

All About the Little Brown Bat Found across Canada and the US, the little brown bat is a species of bat known for its close association with humans. Appearance Little brown bats can be brown, gold, or yellow in color. The critters typically weigh between seven to fourteen grams. The wingspan of the average little […]

Bat species found in the United States

Bat species found in the United States Bats are some of the most commonly found mammals in the world. In fact, there are over a thousand different species of bats. Making these winged mammals one of the largest groups of mammals in the whole world, second only to rodents! Of all these bats, there are […]