Bat Removal Tips (Lethal Methods)

Bat removal tips (discuss some lethal methods and some humane alternatives to killing) After confirming that bats are on your property, you should develop a course of action for getting rid of the critters. In this article, we discuss the different methods for removing bats and their suitability and effectiveness. We discuss bat removal methods […]

How To Make A Homemade Bat Exclusion Device

How to make a homemade bat exclusion device While trying to get bats off your property, it is important to know that only one method works best and that is exclusion. Many people offer home remedies that supposedly work in keeping bats away but most of them fail and the bats keep coming back. Bats […]

What Is A Bat Valve?

What is a bat valve? The bat valve is an effective exclusion device designed to remove bats from homes and buildings. It is an adjustable tool with various options for selecting the perfect angle and length. It is designed to fit perfectly into any entry point of bats on the wall. The bat valve can […]

Tips To Get Bats Out Of A Log Cabin

Tips to get bats out of a log cabin When bats seek shelter from the cold outdoors and security from predators, they could infest human environments. Log cabins are not left out in bat infestations. The critters can enter log cabins and make it their home if they find a way in. If you notice […]

What Material Should I Use To Exclude Bats?

What Material Should I Use to Exclude Bats? People often confuse the behavior of rodents and bats. While rodents like rats, mice, and squirrels will chew on wood and other building materials, bats won’t. Although bats might try to scratch, the marks they leave are minimal. But that doesn’t stop them from getting into homes, […]

Necessary Equipment To Exclude Bats

The Necessary Equipment Needed to Exclude Bats Bats are intriguing creatures. They first appeared on earth about 50 million years ago and are the only mammals capable of flight. Of the 1,300 global bat species, only 47 are found in the United States. Thanks to the popular media, we see them as tiny, scary blood-sucking […]

Remove Bats Using One-Way Exclusion Funnel

How do I remove bats using a one-way exclusion funnel? Bats are insectivorous flying mammals. While they can feed on a large population of insects and can be part of insect control, they can also constitute a significant nuisance. The critters can be sources of harmful diseases too. They carry rabies which they can spread […]

Non-Lethal Ways To Remove Bats

Non-lethal ways to remove bats No matter how much trouble bats cause, you should never resort to killing them. This is because bats play important roles in the ecosystem, as pest control agents and plant pollinators. Bats are also a protected species in different areas. Protected species are to be handled according to specific laws. […]

Get Rid Of A Bat In Basement

Steps to get rid of a bat in your basement Bas can live almost anywhere. This is evident in their widespread habitats as a species. They sometimes find their way to your home and decide to settle there because the temperature is favorable. When they enter the house, bats love to settle in high places […]

Bats In Chimney

What should I do if bats are in my chimney? There is nothing better than a roaring fire or stove on a cold winter’s night. Unfortunately, wild animals also enjoy the heat from your fire and will go to great lengths to access it. For example, bats, possessed with the gift of flight, unique for […]