bats fly in my hair?

Will bats fly in my hair? Bats are highly misunderstood. The misconceptions and fear around them makes people afraid and not want to live around bats. One of those misconceptions is that bats love to fly into women’s hair and become entangled in it. Some people even believe in the superstition that bats flying into […]

Bat after you catch it in your house

What to Do with a Bat After You Catch it in Your House So, you’ve found a bat in your house, here’s what you should realize:If it’s a single bat flying in circles in your room, then it probably got in there by mistake. These cases are most commonly as a result of young bats […]

Idea to have bat as a pet?

Is it a good idea to have a bat as a pet? In short, there is a reason most people do not have pet bats. Large amounts of the population are terrified of bats, largely due to their nocturnal nature and connections with vampires. Even the most ardent bat lovers are put off, as they […]

Wildlife rehabilitators and bats

Wildlife Rehabilitators and Bats Being a wildlife rehabilitator is one of the most rewarding and popular voluntary positions, although some of these positions are paid. Wildlife lovers throughout the country see this role as a way to give something back to the natural world they so adore. Whilst the term wildlife rehabilitator may be most […]

Can Mothballs Repel Bats

Can mothballs repel bats? Bats are insectivorous flying mammals that are increasingly taking to living around human environments. As certain species of the critters have lost their natural habitats, they have become more comfortable about living in barns, houses, and commercial buildings. Although bats can eat a lot of insects and can be part of […]