Will Bats Avoid Light?

Will bats avoid light? Bats are very interesting creatures and given their creepy way of life, these creatures have lots of weird myths surrounding them. And one weird myth about these unusual creatures is that they are blind because they do not see clearly during the day. It’s a known fact that bats are nocturnal […]

What Is A Bat Bug Infestation?

What is a bat bug infestation? Bat bugs are small, oval-shaped insects that feed majorly on the blood of bats. These insects can either be red or dark brown and appear flattened, especially before feeding. An adult bat bug measures about 6 mm in length, they are blood-sucking insects that stay in bat colonies and […]

Will Installing A Bat House Prevent Bats

Will installing a bat house prevent bats from coming in my home? When you have set up your home just the way you like it, the last thing you want is a pest entering the house and setting up camp. The most common animals that tend to do this are raccoons, rats, and possums. However, […]

Find And Get Rid Of A Dead Bat

Steps to find and get rid of a dead bat A great many homeowners all over the country worry about a potential wildlife invasion on their property. The fact of the matter is, many of us are simply unequipped, both physically and morally, to efficiently deal with an unwanted intruder situation, be it a skunk, […]

Modify Property To Keep Bat Population Down

How can I modify my property to keep the bat population down? Bats are a really common problem for homeowners all across the United States. Bats inside the home can be dangerous to you and your family, as well as your pets, since they are carriers of many diseases, such as Ebola, rabies, and possibly […]

Can Bats Chew Through Materials

Can bats chew through materials? Do they chew through walls or wood? One question we often hear from concerned clients and homeowners is “can a bat chew through my walls or through wooden structures inside the home?”. Animals chewing through support pillars, walls, and other structures is a common concern with many wild animals that […]

Keep Bats Out Of My Barn

What can I do to keep bats out of my barn? For many rural property owners, bats are a real nuisance. Historically, these flying mammals dwelled in caves, and barns are a more attractive alternative. Not only are barns warm and dry, they are safe from predators, meaning they are the ideal place to roost […]

Is It A Good Idea To Poison A Bat

Is it a Good Idea to Poison a Bat? Having a bat colony in your house can be frustrating. I understand that! But no matter what you do, NEVER poison a bat. Why waste the life of this incredible and important creature, if there are other 100 percent effective means of dealing with the problem. […]

Is It A Good Idea To Relocate A Bat

Is it a Good Idea to Relocate a Bat? Let’s start by clearing the air. It is NOT a good idea to relocate a bat. It is a terrible idea thatcan lead to a series of unwanted consequences.But isn’t trapping and relocating supposed to be the most humane way of handling wildanimals? True! It works […]

Trap A Bat In A Cage

Is it a Good Idea to Trap a Bat in a Cage? Having a bat infestation problem can be difficult. From constant chattering sounds to the noisome smell from their droppings, the only thought running through your mind is to get rid of them. In the kindness of your heart, you come up with a […]