Can mothballs repel bats?

Bats are insectivorous flying mammals that are increasingly taking to living around human environments. As certain species of the critters have lost their natural habitats, they have become more comfortable about living in barns, houses, and commercial buildings. Although bats can eat a lot of insects and can be part of insect control strategies, their presence means more harm than good. You should not allow the critters to be permanent guests of your home. Getting rid of bats requires a clear strategy. You may consider using mothballs to repel the critters and discourage their activity on your property. But can mothballs repel bats? This article considers that in more detail.
Mothballs are one of the common readily available products and materials used as repellents. This is because it creates a negative reaction in different critters. Rodents, for example, hate the smell of mothballs.

For animals that hate the smell of mothballs, they could be applied as repellents. Using mothballs as repellents simply involve placing them in affected areas to achieve the required concentration. If the concentration is effective enough, the activity of the target critters will reduce. Generally, bats are not part of the critters that find mothballs offensive. Thus, using mothballs as repellents for bats is not an effective strategy. Even with critters that find mothballs unappealing, they are not the most effective repellents. 

Mothballs Repel Bats

Even if bats hate the smell of mothballs, they could choose to live with it instead of leaving their well-established home. For a strategy to be effective for removing bats, it has to specifically limit their access and prevent them from infesting in the long term. This is why the use of exclusion devices is one of the best ways of getting the critters out of indoor spaces. The exclusion devices work based on the fact that they physically keep the critters out of closed spaces.

Keeping bats out of your property, in the long run, involves long-term solutions and measures such as habitat modification. Habitat modification makes an environment unappealing to the critters. To apply habitat modification, remove all possible attractants of the critters. You should also ensure that all possible entry and exit points are permanently sealed.
Although mothballs cannot repel bats, there are well-established options for removing the critters from your property. Exclusion devices are some of the effective ways of removing bats. We should mention that trapping and poisoning are not effective for bats. 

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Both methods are inhumane and not suited to the nature of bats. On a final note, we should mention that even the most effective repellents may not eradicate a pest problem. A combination of methods applied with a long-term approach is the best way to deal with a pest problem.
For bat eradication, the most suitable methods are the use of exclusion devices, effective repellents, and habitat modification. With these measures, you can ensure that bats are never a guest on your property. Yes, mothballs could repel other critters. But to the best of our knowledge, they are highly ineffective for bats.