Tips to get bats out of a log cabin

When bats seek shelter from the cold outdoors and security from predators, they could infest human environments. Log cabins are not left out in bat infestations. The critters can enter log cabins and make it their home if they find a way in. If you notice a bat infestation, work towards getting rid of the critters as soon as possible.
You do not want bats in your log cabin. The critters will spread serious diseases through their feces and urine. They are also nuisance critters and make a lot of noise. Bats typically live in colonies. As soon as they settle down in an area, they can begin to cause destruction through their regular activities.
Getting rid of bats successfully requires a careful and strategic plan. This plan should include how to confirm the infestation, how to remove the infesting critters, and the measures of preventing future infestations. The plan should also cover clean-up and repairs.

Confirming a bat infestation

When bats are around your property, they are bound to make a lot of noise. Even if you suspect that the noise is from bats, you should confirm the infestation before proceeding. Bats leave their feces, guano, in the areas they occupy. Looking out for guano is thus an established way of confirming an infestation. You could also go ahead to confirm the infestation with sightings. If bats are truly in your log cabin, you will see them leaving for the night. 

Bats In Log Cabin

They leave between periods ranging from just before sunset to a few hours after sunset. You can sit out during these periods and wait to see the critters leave. For strong confirmation, make sure that there is someone at every side of the cabin so that the exit is not missed.


After confirming the infestation, proceed to the removal. Choose an effective and humane method for removing the bats. An established method of bat removal is the application of exclusion devices. Through exclusion devices, the critters can go out and never come back in. Trapping and poisoning are highly prohibited for the removal of bats. 

Bats In Log Cabin

These methods are both inhumane and ineffective. You should also note that bats are a protected species. Thus, every method and measure you apply should be in line with the local laws.


Post-removal activities range from general clean-up to repair. Even after you’ve removed the critters, you should ensure that they can never come back. Since bats spread serious diseases through their feces and urine, proper safety measures should be adopted. Wear gloves, overalls, and masks for protection from possible infection when cleaning the areas that were occupied by the critters. Repair activities should also be aimed at keeping the critters away for good. When there are no compromised structures, bats won’t find a way into your property. The critters will never return if your property remains unappealing to them. To get bats out of your log cabin, apply effective and humane measures approved by the law. You should also limit the chances of the critters getting in after they are removed.