Why do bats keep coming to my house?

Generally speaking, bats are great animals. They are very beneficial to the environment and they help humans prevent a great deal of diseases and loss. The benefits provided by bats may however be overlooked if they gain entrance into the homes of humans. Many people do not tolerate bats living in their homes. Apart from the health issues surrounding bats roosting around the home, the ominous tales around them makes humans want to remove them as soon as they are sighted.

When people notice bats, the first thing they do is have them removed and relocated to a safe location. While this seems like an easy enough task, the real task is keeping these bats away. Bats have great echolocation skills and chances are that even if you relocate them, they may come back. Sometimes it’s not the same bat that comes back but another one. It then starts to feel as though your house is a bat magnet. Well, before you start panicking you need to know why bats keep coming around to your home.


The weather and time of the year will determine why bats come inside the house and how frequent. Bats hate the rain and they prefer to stay indoors when it’s raining. During this time, they may wander into your home and be seen by you. Seasonal changes also influence how often bats may fly into your home. During the winter, bats love to hibernate in places where the temperature is not too cold. As they bring down their own temperature to be able to make it through winter, hibernating in extreme cold can make them freeze to death. This is why your house is great for them during winter. The temperature is optimized and they can hibernate there for the winter.

Bats Keep Coming To My House

Baby season

Like all animals, bats need a place to raise their young and your home may just be the perfect location for it. When bat pups begin to learn how to fly, they may wander into your living quarters when their mother is out hunting for food. During the bat baby season, you may experience more and more bat invasions into your home.

Overcrowding in bat colonies:

Sometimes the colonies that bats live in become too crowded as a result of new members being added. When this happens, some bats may leave the colony in search of a new one and end up in your home. Once a bat settles down in your home, they soon bring other bats to start a new colony. This is when you will most likely see them flying around in your home. If the new colony also begins to become overcrowded, then they look for other less crowded spaces in your home and before you know it, you are dealing with a bat infestation.

Bats Keep Coming To My House

Open invitation

Sometimes you do not have a bat infestation in your home, they just fly in because you left the windows or doors open. When hunting for insects, bats may fly into the home by mistake if the windows or doors are open. If you keep experiencing bats flying randomly into your home, it may indicate that there is a bat colony nearby and it’s just a matter of time before they move into your home.

What to do next

If you keep having incidents of bats flying around your home, then you may want to thoroughly examine your home to see if there are any bat colonies living there. If you find any, then getting them out should be the next step to take. You may need to employ the services of a wildlife professional for this. Also make sure that all points of entry into your home are sealed.