What is a bat valve?

The bat valve is an effective exclusion device designed to remove bats from homes and buildings. It is an adjustable tool with various options for selecting the perfect angle and length. It is designed to fit perfectly into any entry point of bats on the wall. The bat valve can be used around bat entry points like brick openings, ridge vents, window sills, and so on. 

The self-supporting exclusion tube, which is fastened onto the bat valve, allows it to be properly positioned for bat exit and prevents bat entry. When bats exit the valve in the evening in search of food, they will not be able to enter through the valve again. They are also perfect for holes and openings that are irregular in shape as they can be used in many holes.
The advantage a bat valve has over other exclusion devices is durability. Once fixed, it allows the passage of bats from the interior of the house to its exterior. When all the bats are gone, you could simply take down the valve, wash, and keep it for reuse if you ever have need for it again.

Bat Valve

How to use It

The bat valve is used for exclusion. This process is delicate and requires a lot of attention to detail as one missed point may be used by bats to regain entry into your property. Therefore, if you are not confident that you can handle the process on your own, you can employ the help of trained professionals that will help get all the bats out effectively. 

Bat Valve

If you do decide to carry out the exclusion on your own, follow the following guidelines for successful removal of bats using the bat valve. 

Inspect your home thoroughly and have visual confirmation that the animal in your home
is indeed a bat. Bat valves will not work for other animals.

Check with your local wildlife protection agency about the laws of bat removal in your
state and what time of year you can remove bats. 
Identify and mark entry and exit points of bats
Close off all points of entry with a sealant, leaving only a few popular openings. 
Install the bat valve over the remaining points of entry.
Take note of any bats leaving exclusion points in the evening and if any bat is trying to get in.
Leave the bat valve on the point for many days to give the bats enough time to all leave.
Check your home again for signs of bat activity.
If there are no more bats, remove the valve and seal off the remaining points immediately.
Do a thorough clean-up of your home and the bat valve and store it away for future use.