Will a bat have a nest of babies in my attic?

Bats could occupy your attic and make it their home for extended periods. During that period, they could give birth to pups which will be in your attic too. Because bats can give birth to their young during the time they are in your attic, there are chances of finding baby bats in your attic. In this article, we consider the possibility of finding a nest of babies in your attic in more detail.

Do bats have nests?

Firstly, we consider whether bats have nests. Bats do not exactly have nests. Instead, they give birth to one or two pups after a gestation period. The gestation period differs according to the species of bat. The gestation period usually follows a mating period as well as the ovulation of the female. The female may have to store the sperm for a while after mating so that the sperm can fertilize her eggs during ovulation. Although bats do not have nests, they give birth to pups which they can leave behind in your attic.

Bat On Insulation;Baby Bats In Attic

Will I find baby bats in my attic?

Whether you will find baby bats in your attic is dependent on several factors. One of such factors is the breeding period of the bat. Since the breeding periods of the different bat species differ, knowing the specie of bats in your attic will help you tell whether bats are in your attic.

After the young pups are born, they are typically heavily dependent on their mothers for the initial period. They eventually develop into adults, develop flying abilities, and roost independently. The period from when the critters are born to when they are ready to roost independently depends on the species.

We should also mention that the critters form maternal colonies. A group of mothers can decide to raise their pups together in your attic. You may find many baby bats, a “nest”, in such cases.

How to remove baby bats

When considering removing bats from your property, you should consider whether the pups that may be in your attic are independent or if they will be able to fly out on their own. The pups may struggle to death without their mothers. In their helplessness and search for food, they could also roam around your property, from the attic, and enter your walls, for example. If they die in your walls, you would have to deal with the extra trouble of removing their carcasses.

Baby Bats In Attic

You should always confirm that there are no helpless critters in your attic. If there are pups up there, wait until they attain adult sizes and abilities before trying to eradicate them. When you choose to remove the critters, opt for humane and effective measures such as the use of one-way exclusion devices.