bat live in my house

How long will a bat live in my house? When many people find a bat in their house, their first thoughts may be: it will eventually die if it has no access to food. This is however not true. The truth is bats can gain entry into the home and live there for months, sometimes […]

Where in my house will bats enter

Where in my house will bats enter? Nobody wants to be the victim of a bat invasion. Well, to be fair, nobody wants to be the victim of any type of wildlife invasion, be it rats, squirrels, opossums, and so on. And while there is only so much you can do about it, it really […]

What Benefits Do Bats Provide?

What benefits do bats provide? Bats are pretty abundant in nature. They can be found in all continents of the world except Antarctica. As abundant as they are however, they are hated by many people. Many people do not want bats around because they carry many disease causing pathogens. Others are mainly superstitious in their […]

Are Bats Related To Rodents?

Are bats related to rodents? It’s no wonder people wonder whether bats are related to rodents. After all, we often refer to them as rodents with wings. The fact that they have small, rodent-sized bodies adds to the curiosity. But is that really the case, or are bats more than that? The Bat Order Bats […]

Can Bats Fly When It’s Raining?

Can bats fly when it's raining? Bats are little wonders of the world. They are the only known mammals that can fly. They are able to locate places using their unique echolocation skills. This ability however becomes somewhat dampened when the rains come. For years, it was thought that bats could not fly in the […]

Where Will Bats Reside During The Winter?

Where will bats reside during the winter? Animals, as much as humans, love to keep safe from harsh weather. The winter weather is harsh and particularly so on animals as they mostly do not have adequate shelter during the winter months. What time of the year do bats hibernate? Just before winter each year, bats […]

bats a bad or good omen?

Are bats a bad or good omen? When we think of bats, the picture that immediately comes to mind is bloodsucking monsters that can turn into Dracula in an instant. This thought alone is enough to send cold chills down anyone’s back when they see a bat. The superstitious beliefs of different cultures also add […]

Do Bats Control The Mosquito Population?

Do bats control the mosquito population? Bats play an important role in the environment. This importance is significantly downplayed due to the beliefs surrounding bats. Over the years, the bat population has vastly reduced due to excessive killing and extermination of bats by humans. The superstitious beliefs can however not change the fact that bats […]

What Time Of Day Do Bats Leave Their Roost?

What time of day do bats leave their roost? Most people spend their nights sleeping at home and go out to work or school during the day. Yet if you’ve ever stumbled upon a nest of bats, you’ll see them all sleeping soundly as they hang upside down. With all that sleeping, you’ve got to […]